Pro-Teach's   Philosophy
Giving the best in every aspect of care.
Awakening Compassion, Developing Competencies and Moulding Character
Pro-Teach   Total   Care   Ecology
There are 7 elements that form the Care ecology in Pro-Teach. They are students, teachers, parents, instructions, environment, management and inspiration. Each of these parts is driven by a singular purpose of achieving Pro-Teach’s mission.
Maintaining high standards
As our teachers are always engaged in the ongoing cycle of observing, guiding learning, and assessing children’s progress, it’s imperative that the teachers are coached by top trainers to maintain the high standards of Pro-Teach care. A wide spectrum of skills are developed in our teachers over time, and the chief reason why Pro-Teach invests so much time and expenses into teacher development is because we want them to be trained with the best, so that the best will be given to the students. The training outcome not only raises the quality of our teachers - it also enables the expertise, enthusiasm and energy of our teachers to be transformed into gems of learning and development for the children to bring home everyday.
Our curriculum and teaching tools
Our popular materials are developed by the Pro-Teach curriculum department. We tap upon the latest multimedia capabilities to deliver fascinating and engaging lessons. These lessons go beyond the usual academic subjects to character development and enrichment skills and are thoughtfully considered and planned to create superior learning and development experiences for the students.

Our character education is positioned in a framework that allows student learning to take place in real life. It is learning-centered, focusing on essential questions and relevant themes and concepts.

The excitement of great ideas

Inspiration is not the usual component when a company introduces its management and care framework. However, for Pro-Teach, it is what kept us at the forefront of the student care industry. Fresh and exciting ideas, energised with enthusiasm and skills to carry them out, breathe life into what we do.

Inspiration is the forerunner of originality, and originality raises the bar for our service and programme quality and keeps Pro-Teach at the forefront of the industry. Hence, our management encourages a culture of innovation and creativity to enliven the student care experience and increase staff morale.

Maximised for effective caring and learning
Students are grouped according to their academic levels for better teaching focus, more effective instruction and better organisation of activities.

Our centres have a spacious central area for group activities; each room is comfortably air-conditioned and students are brought outdoors regularly for physical activities. Most of our centres have shower and changing room facilities for students to refresh themselves after school and put on new attire.

Environmental and food hygiene are our top priority in our environment management. We adhere strictly to NEA guidelines in our food preparation, and our centres are cleaned every day and monitored throughout the day so that cleanliness is maintained for both the students and the staff.

Our valued partners
Partnering parents is integral to providing the highest quality care and development to children in Pro-Teach. Open lines of communication are imperative and maintained at all times and through parents we receive important information and feedback on the progress and success of our programmes. This productive relationship is fortified when parents reinforce the lessons taught in Pro-Teach and together with us, keep the child within a spiralling loop of growth.
Dynamic and Dedicated
Our team has been tirelessly building, developing, improving, customising and perfecting all aspects of our care operations since we commenced in 1998. We attract and retain rare talents in the student care industry so that the quality of our care operations can constantly scale greater heights and keep on par with the latest social trends and development.
The core of our care
Students form the core of the ecology which all other elements revolve around. To care, develop and nurture students cannot be the work of any one element alone, but a collective and concerted effort among all the elements. Pro-Teach coordinates and collaborates with these elements to achieve holistic care for the students.
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