Pro-Teach publishes our own study materials. Doing so allows us to customise the best content and delivery methods in accordance to our teaching philosophy that maximize benefits for our students. These materials are carefully designed, planned and adhered to rigorous curriculum standards.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous education specialists (teachers, writers) who have contributed their expertise towards improving Pro-Teach’s curriculum. This leads to the publication of a series of teaching instructions. For more information on publications, please click here.

Primary English
The rules of grammar and vocabulary are taught in this programme. Keyword emphasis and parts of speech identification and connections are integral to our English mastery lessons. They function as an effective learning support to accelerate the students’ progress and understanding of the language.

Primary Mathematics

Maths Booster
Math concepts are broken down into understandable portions and ordered into steps for students to follow. In a small class environment, the teachers are able to interact more actively with the students to help them learn and master solving strategies.

Primary Science

Each level consists of 3 booklets: concept mastery, application questions and topical tests.  This lesson planning reflects the progressive categories within the cognitive domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains. The curriculum design approach allows the student to develop higher levels of thinking skills at a steady pace.

Creative Writing Series

This course rests on the belief that any student can learn to write a good story. The students will learn all the elements of an engaging story and use them to draw their reader in. Characterisation, sentence style, descriptive phrases, how to show and not tell, how to have more colourful and expressive writing and more are taught in this course. One of the essential skills in writing is the art of description. Description is most powerful when it’s visible, aural and tactile. Students will learn to describe a variety of situations that will imbue their story with atmosphere and feeling. Attention is also given to methods for scoring language and content marks in school exams.