Corporate   Social   Responsibility

Nature has much to offer: the beauty of the earth rejuvenates and inspires us, and the animals educate and cheer us. It is important that we honour this relationship by giving our best back to nature, heal her and restore order so that she will continue to sustain us.

While Pro-Teach is a private education organisation, caring and loving our environment remain a value close to our hearts. We invited guest speakers to conduct environmental awareness seminars for our Pro-Teach teachers islandwide, organised meet-the-author (environment books) event, give talks at ITE Eco Conference, do recycling projects, promote more greens in our diet. When we say we are committed to environmental protection, we don’t pay lip service, but we walk the talk.

Let’s return the earth in good condition to our children.

Promotes Animal Welfare

Loving and Caring makes the world a better place
Pro-Teach loves animals. We believe that children are born with a natural love and connection with animals and this allows us to teach the values of love and care easily. As our environment quickly become urbanised and digitalised, animals become one of the few links to help us connect back with nature and the more humane parts of ourselves. When children can understand the language of the world of animals, a new dimension of empathy will awaken in their hearts and develop them into a caring citizen of nature, one who is rich in emotional and spiritual values.

Support Environmental Sustainability

The Earth has been a beautiful inspiration for humankind since the earliest civilisations. The famous artists that ever walk the face of earth –Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and not to mention countless other musicians and poets, have their works inspired by nature. We also live by the grace of the earth, for all our resources come from the earth. Shouldn’t we as responsible guests of the earth live a lifestyle that is sustainable? We need to take a more active role, and not just the occasional recycling exercises, to help Mother Earth rejuvenate herself to sustain us the way she has been doing since our beginnings.

Health and Nutrition

What’s life without health? In fact, they are not even separable. Our society is growing increasingly complex and our markets are flooded with so many different kinds of foods, with many of them laden with chemicals and catering only to the taste buds without due regards to health. As we grow more affluent, it is important that we learn to be selective about foods and choose only those that will bring the greatest benefits not just to us, but to others and the environment. Eating responsibly also means we ensure the food production processes are sustainable and compassionate.

"Evidence suggests that eating plenty of whole grains, fruit and vegetables has a protective effect against heart disease and cancer. Vitamins, minerals and many natural 'phytochemicals' function as 'antioxidants' to neutralise the free radicals, protecting body cells from damage."
~ Health Promotion Board
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Pro-Teach supports the “Meat-Free Monday” campaigned by Sir Paul McCartney and “Veggie Thursdays”.