It takes a strong management team to offer exceptional student care services islandwide, and upkeep that standard since 1998. We believe that hard work, directed by diligence, intelligence and talent, is one of the fundamentals of our success. To make our student care experience as wonderful as we can, we rely on intensive research and input from education experts from various fields. The result? Learning that is sound, engaging, relevant and fun. It is an approach that has helped Pro-Teach become Singapore’s leading student care organisation. Pro-Teach is fortunate to have some of the most capable specialists from the industry, with an extensive range of skills and depth of knowledge and experience, combined with a respectable level of dedication and commitment.
Ong   Peggy,

Peggy is a proven leader in the student care industry in Singapore. Since Pro-Teach started, she has implemented innovative and effective teaching and operational practices that propel Pro-Teach to be a class-leading student care centre. These practices include:

  • incorporating multimedia technology in the weekly lessons,
  • raising the quality of Pro-Teach teachers through engaging education experts and professionals for our teacher training,
  • developing curriculum based on Pro-Teach’s curriculum design principles,
  • extending students’ global exposures through overseas exchange programmes.
  • Implementing a system of quality checks and feedback to maintain high service standards.

Peggy started Pro-Teach while she was a student in the National University of Singapore. She subsequently graduated with a BSc (Merit) and had to give up her honours programme in Economics to concentrate on Pro-Teach.

At the age of 24, she became the principal of Dong Fang school in China, Jiangxi Province, and implemented policies that raised the school’s education standard to the next level and increased the school’s popularity ratings in the region. She was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise in 2007.

Her keen eye for business opportunities and creative approach to solving problems ensure that she stays on top of the game while contributing to the leadership and strategic vision for the continual growth of Pro-Teach. Ms Peggy’s dynamic leadership and accomplishments have been highlighted in both local and overseas media.

An avid animal lover, she promotes love and compassion towards all animals and was invited to be the guest speaker in events such as Great Eastern’s “Power Up Your Life” hosted by Irene Ang (2011), the ITE Eco-Conference 2012 held on 13th July and "Diet with Amazing Healing Power" held on 6th March 2015.

Aden   Gan,
Director   of   Curriculum

Aden Gan has diverse experience in curriculum design and is also a specialist in the teaching of upper primary and secondary level Mathematics. He researches and imparts the best methods and approaches for the learning of English, Mathematics and Science to students. From his research, he has developed a system of model drawing concepts and strategies which are presented in the popular “Maths Model Methods” and “More Model Methods” (Dec 2013) published by Educational Publishing House. He is a Science graduate from the National University of Singapore and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education.

Aden has also written Pro-Teach’s series of Creative Writing lessons as well as directing the planning of the Science lessons in Pro-Teach. He is one of the principal trainers in Pro-Teach, imparting essential teaching skills to the teachers.

Aden Gan has been with Pro-Teach since the founding branch started and played a key role in the company’s management.

Fiona   Pea,
Director   of   Business   and   Operations

Fiona Pea has been directing Pro-Teach’s operations since the year 2008. She is the organisational force behind the company’s operations and ensures that the high standards of student care are maintained in every branch, and that each branch functions with optimum efficiency and quality.

Through her many years of working closely with children, Ms Fiona has gained an in-depth understanding of what motivates them at their core. People-oriented and sensitive, she seems to have a magical hand in calming a crying child or a distressed parent. Ms Fiona is often seen interacting with parents, children and teachers, readily addressing their concerns and queries.

Besides maintaining close relations with parents and teachers, Ms Fiona also teaches English and Mathematics weekly. She devotes much time and effort to helping under-achievers gain a sense of self-worth and confidence as she chooses to see the hidden potential in her students and aspires to bring out the best in them. Her patience and warm demeanor in dealing with people makes her an invaluable asset to the company.

As a teacher, Fiona has achieved a high standard of classroom practices through her excellent energy and dedication. Her enthusiasm, innovativeness, and genuine concern for the students are exemplary. She has consistently maintained a solid reputation and respect among students, parents and branch principals. The unique blending of her teaching and operations capabilities has been a valuable asset to the Pro-Teach team.

Patricia   Theseira,
Admin   and   Logistics,   Senior   Manager

Dedicated, diligent and possessing a strong administration and organisation capability, Patricia is managing a sizeable division of Pro-Teach. She supervises manpower planning, allocation of operational resources as well as managing communication channels among parents, teachers, and branches.

She is also an excellent planner in Pro-Teach’s extra-curricular programmes and activities and enjoys generating fresh, exciting and engaging craft ideas that captivate students. Patricia is a science graduate from the National University of Singapore and holds a MBA from Southern Illinois University, United States.

Koh-Ong   Bee   Hoon,
Curriculum   Manager

Mrs Koh has been with Pro-Teach since 2001. Having that many years of experience enable her to acquire a diversity of teaching and classroom management skills, along with a high level of expertise in various subjects’ syllabi. She has been instrumental in planning and writing numerous teaching materials for the students, and has received numerous positive feedback for her dedication and work.

She leads a team in curriculum planning and supervises each stage of the curriculum development process, ensuring that the curriculum objectives are achieved beyond the implementation phase.

Nurwana   K.,
Quality   Auditor

Ms. Wana is a dedicated and committed teacher who puts in her best to teach and care for the students. Her ability to work well within and beyond her job scope, as well as building excellent working relations with colleagues, led to her being head-hunted to be a staff in the head office.

She has been working with Pro-Teach since 2003 and is entrusted with the responsibility to guide and mentor other branches to achieve a high standard of care in their operations.