Our   Care   Approach

Caring for the welfare of your child
The welfare of the child remains the singular core of our entire care framework. The needs of today’s children are wide and varied. Not least among the reasons is the increasingly sophisticated and demanding environment they are growing up in. To help the children develop resilience within such an environment, we conduct specialised character development programmes that cater to the different learning styles of the children.  

Teachers – Our Gems
Our teachers are carefully chosen for their ability to teach and display exemplary care for the welfare of her students. We value our teachers and develop their skills and talents to the fullest through various professional and skills development opportunities. Our teachers understand that bonding and rapport are necessary to elicit cooperation from the students, and that is why time is devoted to teacher-student communication in the class.

Our Development and Recreational Activities
Pro-Teach is never short of fascinating activities that develop and engage the students. From field trips to experiments, workshops to hands-on activities, the children are continuously given a wide exposure to develop their multiple intelligences and skills. With expert planning and management, Pro-Teach has positioned itself to be an important milestone of the children’s learning journey in life.