Why   Pro-Teach

We are the largest student care company in Singapore, and we are still growing due to popular demand for our quality services. Our operations have grown from a simple setup to an organization that develops its own curriculum, conducts regular and systematic nationwide staff training and adopts industry-leading practices that offer the greatest quality care for our students.

Our company stands in good reputation in the industry; this is because of the quality of the teachers we have trained and developed over the years, and who tirelessly give loving care to the students.

Because we are eager to equip our teachers with knowledge and skills, training sessions are conducted on a regular basis. Many of our teachers not only are able to expertly handle a child’s concerns and needs, but are also knowledgeable in the curriculum as well as various teaching approaches.

Pro-Teach’s operation procedures, classroom management techniques and lesson delivery methodologies were developed since 1998 and evolved from the collective experience of all our branches for more than ten years. Naturally, being in Pro-Teach positions a potential candidate to develop herself/himself to be among the best in the industry.