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At Pro-Teach, we awaken possibilities through nurturing cognitive growth, emotional wisdom and physical wellness. We ensure that our students are constantly stimulated, constantly interested and constantly growing. Our students are provided with a curriculum that not only offers a breadth of academic experience across a variety of significant areas,  it also incorporates social, physical, emotional and moral development as we believe these elements are integral to a holistic education. Being the leading student care organisation in Singapore, Pro-Teach has helped many edupreneurs achieve their business dreams by helping children reach their full potential in school.

If you love children, have a passion for education, a strong working experience in the education industry and like to have an education business with meaningful outcomes, then Pro-Teach can help you bring your aspirations into reality.
Build your dreams on our foundation – the business of educating children with Pro-Teach.

  • Experienced consultants to guide and develop your skills to be a competent educator
  • Experience the joy of developing students’ potential
  • A programme that delivers lasting results
  • A trusted brand by parents and teachers

Discover the road to achieving your goals with Pro-Teach!