Selection   Criteria

Pro-Teach is seeking highly-motivated individuals who are passionate about owning their very own business and developing young minds under a proven educational franchise/partnership model. Pro-Teach Branch Heads should possess the following mindset, knowledge and skills to ensure success in the business.

  • Full commitment to the operation
  • Relevant teaching/tutoring experience, school experience is preferred
  • Bachelor Degree holder preferred
  • Strong desire and commitment to quality education and moral development of children
  • Capacity to create and manage an organisation effectively
  • Strong communication skill
  • Ability to motivate and coach people
  • Proficient in English and/or Chinese
  • Financially stable
All candidates are carefully screened to ensure that they guarantee a promise to uphold and fulfill the vision of Pro-Teach. Each branch is then carefully selected after considering the viability of the venture. We personally ensure the success of each of our branches and are proud to say that all our branches are doing well.