Courses   For   The   Model   Method

Effective Model Methods for PSLE students
Designed to give students’ PSLE preparation a boost, this workshop will include tips, approaches, methods and techniques that the students will find immediately useful for their examination. They will learn effective and helpful approaches and methods to handle a variety of multi-steps word problems that frequently pose a challenge even to students of high ability. Understanding and familiarising with these problem structures will help students handle them confidently and competently in examinations.  The methods taught will be easy to understand and students are often astounded by these simple approaches. The word problems taught in this workshop are commonly tested in examinations.

Teaching and Solving with The Model Method
Teachers will learn how to teach The Model Method in a systematic and progressive way to students of varying abilities. The approach this workshop uses will enable students with emerging ability to learn how to solve multi-step challenging word problem with ease. Learn how to overcome students’ learning barriers, apply convincers to boost the students’ confidence and lead them step-by-step towards mastery of The Model Method. Extensive examples and guided instructions are provided. When students start applying the simple procedures, they will be amazed at their increased abilities to solve word problems.

If your school is interested in having these workshops conducted, you can contact us at to request for more information.