Who is Pro-Teach?

What services does Pro-Teach offer?

What makes Pro-Teach different from another student care?

What does Pro-Teach's student care programme offer?

How is homework help and supervision conducted?

What does my child need to bring on his/her 1st day of enrolment?

What meals will be provided for my child?

What subjects are covered in Pro-Teach’s tuition curriculum?

How is the tuition programme conducted?

Does Pro-Teach provide any learning materials?

How will the tuition programme help my child in school?

What is Pro-Teach’s teaching approach?

When can we see academic and behavioural improvement in my child?

What are the enrichment programmes available?

How are teachers assessed in the selection process?

Does Pro-Teach provide any training for its teachers?

What is each centre’s teacher-child ratio?

What are the teachers’ qualifications and years of experience in educating children?

How can I register my child?

What is the eligibility criteria for enrolment?

What payments are required upon confirmation of enrolment?

How do I withdraw my child?

What is the eligibility criteria for SCFA subsidy scheme?

How much is the subsidy?

How do I apply for the subsidy?

What is the centre’s approach to a child who is ill?

What will the centre do when a child falls ill?

What are the measures taken to ensure the children’s safety and well-being?

What are your general operating hours? (may differ from branch to branch)

Does the centre charge for days when the child is sick or when he/she is on vacation?