Why   Pro-Teach?

Pro-Teach takes immense pride in having parents entrust their beloved children in our care. Despite numerous options, parents chose us and it is not difficult to understand why:

Your child will be in a friendly, safe and nurturing atmosphere
Outside of curriculum time, students are relaxed, casual and constantly engaged in social interactions with other students. Our teachers are trained to help students develop and maintain a positive and mutually respectful interaction among themselves.

Each of our centres provide a safe environment with sufficient space, natural lighting, child sized furnishing, lightweight furniture as well as child sized washrooms.

Our visual displays are organized to appreciate creative expressions from the students, emphasise various learning concepts as well as character motivators.

Pro-Teach creates an environment that strikes a careful balance between playful activities and respectful discipline.

Our curriculum are customized and designed by field experts
Pro-Teach is known for having good curriculum. When designing our curriculum, we identify the appropriate instructional methods suitable for the students’ levels, and also incorporate a skills-based approach, with a focus on improving key subject skills.

Our teaching materials encourage critical thinking, complex problem-solving and team work. Subject lessons are designed to tap into children’s natural sense of curiosity and to promote active discussion between peers and teachers in order to develop true understanding, and not just rote memorisation, of a topic.

While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational programme has also been created with an emphasis on character development. Therefore, the curriculum in Pro-Teach is organized under two major rubrics: academic and character education. All our teaching units are aligned with the Singapore’s Ministry of Education syllabus and are designed to develop students’ core subject and social-emotional competencies.