What   we   offer

Pro-Teach pioneered the concept of educational student care in a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment with a unique curriculum delivered by caring teachers. Created by our team of dedicated education specialists, our curriculum is based on MOE’s development and learning standards. For the past decade, we have been offering our successful and niche student care model through franchising/partnership with educators.

Through each and every step of starting and running the business, the Pro-Teach team provides comprehensive support services. By maintaining regular interaction with our Pro-Teach community, we are able to offer relevant tools, assistance, advices and suggestions to each branch in the following areas:

  • Help you create your center: location assessment, floor plan design and renovation management.
  • Help you promote your center: pre-opening, Grand Opening and on-going.
  • Help train and develop you and your staff: initial training by our Founder & CEO Ms Peggy Ong, training materials, annual teachers’ training and sharing of best practices.
  • Help you optimize your center’s performance: regular visits by Pro-Teach HQ Directors, parents’ surveys, data collection and analysis.
  • Follow our proven practices to duplicate our successful student care model. We emphasise on training, sharing of ideas and taking feedback seriously.
Happy Edupreneurs
With a love for children, strong devotion to children's development and lifelong learning, I have chosen Pro-Teach student care franchise to realise my passion in education. Pro-Teach has offered me an opportunity to jump-start a student care business with a full-scale support in the areas of curriculum, operations, training, interior design and recruitment. With its strong brand name and dedicated management, Pro-Teach BASC (Admiralty) is one of the best student care centres in Woodlands.
Benjamin Sng
Taking up Pro-Teach franchise has certainly helped me to achieve my dreams of operating a high standard student care centre. The management team is always so supportive and they will go all the way to help you clear any difficulties you might face in your business.
Tham Kheng Yee
Running a student care business is a totally new experience which will never be so fulfilling without the support of Pro-Teach. The effective transfer of know- how, marketing support and strong brand name has given us a head start and this resulted in meeting our business targets within the first year of our operation. All thanks to Pro-Teach!
Jasmine Chua